Haifa Khodr Husni Bey

An emerging Lebanese contemporary artist, Haifa was born in Beirut. She lived and studied at the American University of Beirut where she received a bachelor degree of arts. In the midst of the civil war, she decided to move to Paris where she stayed for 5 years. In Paris, Haifa studied at the Academie Charpentier and at l'Ecole Superieure des Arts Modernes (ESAM), where she was awarded a diploma in 1993. Then she moved and lived in Libya for 1 year, where she was highly attracted by the beautiful colors lighting the sky of Libya.

Since 2005, she has been following art courses at St Joseph University (UPT). Haifa's art reflects a civil war that she lived in Beirut and which for her was an amalgam of distress, fear and sadness, but at the same time of youth, joy and hope. Her paintings are also an expression of light, color and a message of hope ina  currently turmoiled Middle East. She paints life's realities in a pictorial harmony of colors and shapes to express a soul searching for moments of joy in the darkest moments of humanity.

In her first solo exhibition (Zaman Gallery, Feb 2016), the artist interpreted "stolen moments" of hope and joy in an amazing mixture of colors and movements. Her second collection exhibited collectively at "Le Crypte, Saint Joseph" was clearly influenced by the Syrian and Libyan refugee crisis. In her paintings, she reflected the tragedy of humans having left their lands and homes, giving them a well hit path to the future. The artist also helped in the arts for life fundraising exhibition for Tamanna. She also participated in the Alumni Arts craft festival (AUB reunion 2016), and exhibited at the Palais de l'Unesco Beyrouth. 

At her latest exhibition "Distracted Harmony" held in October 2017, Haifa shows that life is a series of challenges that we overcome by clustering and bonding together no matter what our beliefs, thoughts and inclinations are. Despite our differences, our encounters affect us all creating the true reality. A reality that has harmony within so many distractions. 

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