Áron Majoros

Áron Zsolt MAJOROS is a contemporary sculptor, born in 1982 in Budapest, Hungary, lives and works there as well. From 1997 to 2000, Áron studied at the Building and Decorative Arts School, Budapest (HU), Faculty of Stone Sculpting. From 2001 to 2008, he did his masters degree, Master: Pál Kő, at the Sculpture department of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest (HU). Along the years, Áron received several awards such as the Finta Award in 2005, the ELTE Botanical Gardens, Special Award (Award of the “I give you hope and future competition) in 2007, the Príma Junior Award
in 2008, the Ezüstgerely Award in 2011, the Award by the National Association of Hungarian Artists - Reality and Illusion- in 2012, the Reformation and Tolerance Award in 2013, and finally his latest awards were taken in 2014: NKA, alkotói támogatás, awarded at the “Labirintus” competition, awarded at the “KÓD” competition.

Solo exhibitions:

2016  "Lélekkeret / Soulframe”, Contamporary Hungarian Gallery, Dunajská Streda (SK)

2014  Solo exhibition with Éva Mayer, Vörösmarty Társaság, Székesfehérvár (HU) "KÓD” competition, awarded

2014  "Transvision”, (with Éva Mayer), Halászbástya, Saint-Michael Chapel, Budapest, (HU)

2013  Liminal Spaces, (with Hajnal Miklós), Faur Zsófi Gallery, Budapest (HU)

2011  Language course for beginners, Faur Zsófi Gallery, Budapest (HU)
 2010 Gallery 13, Soroksár (HU)

2009  Parthenon Fríz-Hall, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest (HU)


David Rosado
David born in 1976 lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal. He graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Évora in 2004, Painting / Multimedia. Begins to exhibit their work in 1996 at the Palacio D. Manuel Evora. From his solo exhibitions include: 2011 Michael Lyons Wier Gallery (NY) exposure "BEAST", 2010 Höhle "Nogo (project-room for architecture, contemporary art & experimental cinema), March 18, Lisbon. The Rebirth of the Lazarus (Pedro Serrenho Gallery Lisboa, 2009), High Speed (Carlos Carvalho Zoom Contemporary Art, London, 2008), De Profundis (Sopro Gallery, Lisboa, 2007). Regarding exhibitions can refer those in the Contemporary art museum of Málaga “Portugal: Open Window to the World” Fevereiro 2016 (Málaga), Palace Galveias at Award Ariane de Rothschild, with attribution 3rd place (Lisbon, 2007), the gallery Voghera11 (Roland the Bucther Boy, Milan, Italy, 2009), (Porno Start, Milan, Italy, 2009), the gallery Pedro Torres (Red, Logroño, Spain, 2008) "Museu do Esquecimento" Exhibition at the National Society of Fine Arts Lisbon, and their participation in the various editions of the contemporary art fair Arte Lisboa. He is represented in numerous public and private collections highlighting the collection Ariane de Rothschild Banque Privée, Alcatel - Lucent, Portugal. Sousa Machado Ferreira da Costa e Associados - Sociedade de Advogados, Lisbon and participation in 2012 (Artfiesta) Basel Suisse with ARTspaceSWITZERLAND, and also in Artrio 2011 with TAC gallery (Rio de Janeiro).
George Morton Clark
"Ever since I was small I’ve looked at paintings like movies that will never reveal their endings - stories that will go on forever; and forever be written. To appreciate art is to be at one with your thoughts and your experiences. These are what bring the art to life. And the idea that when someone looks at one of my paintings it can generate a completely different emotional experience to the next person. The power of an image lies in its near-infinitesimal interpretation. But painting for me is not a choice, it’s a necessity. An integral part of me as a human being. Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to create. Each painting is a therapeutic journey, from first to final brush stroke. The start point can be something as simple as a colour or image, after which the emotions gather and quickly an initial concept crystallises. Each piece falling into place like a puzzle. But the process is fluid: the first idea can change drastically as I paint. But rather than frustrating, I find these developments are the most exciting part of the creative process. Making mistakes leads you down paths that you would otherwise never of found. This process accounts as much for style as for content and it’s why I tend not to sketch - I find I’m more creative while painting and better at manipulating the colours and image while ‘in the moment’. The colour and the fall of the paint help to direct the piece as much as anything. A slight difference in tone or an unplanned paint stroke can alter the image and start a whole new game. What may at first appear to be a mistake is more often than not the painting revealing itself to me. This organic method - in part a sort of free association of ideas, colour and images - can at first seem to obscure the ‘meaning’ of the painting. But by letting my subconscious lead the creative process there is arguably a greater truth that’s revealed in the final piece. Something deeper, something that is closer to myself and the essence of artistic generation."
Ghassan Ouais
Ghassan is a Syrian Lebanese artist living and working in Lebanon. "I use ink sketches and acrylic paintings to express myself. My paintings reflect the impact of war on the world and specifically my hometown Syria. I attempt through my art to relieve people from the sadness and sorrow that war brings. In my works, I portray the people as human shapes in the form of the living cells that surround humanity. With this bittersweet combination, my works tell the story of the people. A story that they wish to express but can’t. I am a believer that out of sorrow one could unleash a creation of art that could help those in need of art. The world needs art to grow.
Haifa Khodr Husni Bey

An emerging Lebanese contemporary artist, Haifa was born in Beirut. She lived and studied at the American University of Beirut where she received a bachelor degree of arts. In the midst of the civil war, she decided to move to Paris where she stayed for 5 years. In Paris, Haifa studied at the Academie Charpentier and at l'Ecole Superieure des Arts Modernes (ESAM), where she was awarded a diploma in 1993. Then she moved and lived in Libya for 1 year, where she was highly attracted by the beautiful colors lighting the sky of Libya.

Since 2005, she has been following art courses at St Joseph University (UPT). Haifa's art reflects a civil war that she lived in Beirut and which for her was an amalgam of distress, fear and sadness, but at the same time of youth, joy and hope. Her paintings are also an expression of light, color and a message of hope ina  currently turmoiled Middle East. She paints life's realities in a pictorial harmony of colors and shapes to express a soul searching for moments of joy in the darkest moments of humanity.

In her first solo exhibition (Zaman Gallery, Feb 2016), the artist interpreted "stolen moments" of hope and joy in an amazing mixture of colors and movements. Her second collection exhibited collectively at "Le Crypte, Saint Joseph" was clearly influenced by the Syrian and Libyan refugee crisis. In her paintings, she reflected the tragedy of humans having left their lands and homes, giving them a well hit path to the future. The artist also helped in the arts for life fundraising exhibition for Tamanna. She also participated in the Alumni Arts craft festival (AUB reunion 2016), and exhibited at the Palais de l'Unesco Beyrouth. 

At her latest exhibition "Distracted Harmony" held in October 2017, Haifa shows that life is a series of challenges that we overcome by clustering and bonding together no matter what our beliefs, thoughts and inclinations are. Despite our differences, our encounters affect us all creating the true reality. A reality that has harmony within so many distractions. 

"My artwork is the first of many screenings of my relentless philosophical journey into the process of human mental evolution, through eroticism. Desire, in all its rarity and glory, marks my long interest in art and culture. I stand for love and lust. Call me a hedonist; I am certainly persuaded by sentiment. My paintings reveal my sensuality and power of imagination, and my approach to eroticism oscillates between admiration, intimacy, sensuality, pleasure but also spirituality and abstraction. Sticking to painting for the moment, I want to expand my celebration of desire through a wider range of artistic expression: etching, sculpture and… literature. My paintings challenge any single discourse on the erotic. In the eighteenth century, Eroticism was defined as “ the intrusion into the public sphere of something that was at base private”, and this is how I want my art to be portrayed. While suggesting moral nihilism, I like to think I am taking people on a journey; I am not just entertaining them, but giving them something to think about when they leave. More so, encouraging the audience to make their own decisions about what exactly is “acceptable”. A lot of them might be fitting but not proper. Do you even know the difference between fitting and proper? Or more so, my question is and remains; when have two lovers ever worried about manners? I sketch everything before turning them into paintings. Having no model or particular muse in mind, I believe that my paintings emerge out of my infatuation with the female form and rather focus on the intimate and sensual atmosphere surrounding me. Anytime I am lost or uninspired, I turn to Egon Schile’s clarity in his humanness, admire the ancient Japanese art of shunga or even get aroused by Matisses’ colors. In a suggestive way, I have so much to say- with and without words- and that’s why I resort to painting. In Oscar Wilde’s words “I live the poetry I cannot write.”
Izzat Khourchid
Izzat Khourchid's colorful abstract collages take us to another transcendental world, a remote distant "collage-scape" which hovers over or outside our usual notion of space. Where similarly shaped patches of colored paper create new visual fields that question the ultimate presence of hope and peace in our environment. Yet, from this majestically beautiful simplicity of mountainous nature, he masterfully plunges us into the other extreme and the quagmire of ill built cities, urban disasters, chaos, and ultimately, their wishful total destruction, a colorful and powerful journey from near realism to eclectic abstraction, from nature’s gentle curves to linear geometry gone wild. In spite of all that urban destruction, he uses a “happy” color palette and maintains a solid sense of harmony and balance, making the depiction of “destruction” more sardonic and ironic than really “apocalyptic”. Izzat studied art at the Ecole Nationale Des Beaux Arts in Paris and later at the Lebanese American University (formerly known as BUC) in Beirut. He now spends most of his time “hunting” for magazines, his collages' “raw material”.
Karim Tamerji

Karim Tamerji, an Architect & Self-taught Artist, was born and raised in Beirut city. As a rebellious youngster, Karim always felt the urge to voice the daily struggles of the Lebanese people. His artistry expands in diverse forms and techniques; from a small canvas to street murals and socially engaged installations. In his art, Karim expresses the individual psychological confinements collided with the social and political concerns of the people around him.

To name a few of his accomplishments, Karim holds a Guinness World Record for "World's Largest Glowing Graffiti". Additionally he has collaborated with many notable companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, Head & Shoulders and several other internationally established Companies, Artists and Designers.

Karim also participated in many live performances and has held multiple workshops in events, schools and universities

Mae Anna
Mae’s education and experience in the fields of Political Science and International Affairs are instrumental in the growth of her interest in human interaction. As evident from the experimentation within her modus operandi, her perception of these dynamics has evolved alongside a conception of man which attempts to synthesize the experience of both genders. By appealing to experiences, senses, emotions and dreams, Mae’s venture in the human psyche reveals its dualistic nature and meditates on both the feminine and masculine qualities it embodies. Though her paintings feature people she is acquainted with - or has been influenced by - her depictions implore unconventional readings which challenge our nature. Particularly the notion of human intimacy vis-à-vis their primal instincts.
Malika Bkaili

Born in 1987, Malika Melody Bkaili is a French Lebanese artist residing in Lebanon. She graduated from the École d'Art Plastiques, a preparatory school for the Beaux-Arts de Paris, following up with the celebrated Studio Berçot before obtaining a second degree in Marketing and Merchandising at the London College of Fashion. She then worked in the field of fashion design for more than five years both in Beirut and Paris working with renowned designers.

In recent years, Malika has decided to return to her first love and nurture her passion for the Arts. She completed her first residency in the city of Asilah, Morocco known for its distinguished International Art Festival at the Palais Raïssouni in April 2017. The paintings produced during the residency were later exhibited at the Festival International d'Art Contemporain de Marrakech in May 2017 where she contributed to a fundraising initiative for a retirement home and orphanage in Marrakech. In September 2017, she held her first solo exhibition at dePrague in Beirut.

Marc Jung

Marc Jung lives and works in Berlin and Erfurt, where he was born in 1985. He got his diploma in Fine Arts at the Bauhaus-University in 2011. From 2009 till 2010, he worked in the painting class of Prof. Daniel Richter at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Vienna. In 2014, he finished the degree of Meisterschüler at the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste in Dresden. Since then, he works as a free artist and took part in a big number of national and international solo and group exhibitions.

The work of Marc Jung is characterised by the fight between rules and anarchy, harmony and destruction. He combines the dirt from the streets with conceptional theories of the fine art universe and wants to blow up traditional genre borders. Jung is a mad realist trying to reproduce everyday issues in a very sarcastic and ironic way. His art is a punch in the face of reality.

Missak Terzian
Missak Terzian is a Lebanese-American artist born in 1949 in Beirut to Armenian Genocide survivors. Semi-abstract figurative expressionist contemporary artist Missak studied at Ecole d’Art Guvder in 1968 and graduated from London College of Printing in 1971. He held his first major exhibition in 1984. Since then, he has participated in 126 exhibitions worldwide. Missak’s artworks are part of many collections in Europe, United States, the Middle East, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, the United Arab Emirates, Canada and the Republic of China; namely the Saudi Royal family and prominent Lebanese political personalities. His paintings are on permanent display throughout Lebanon, at the Bank Audi head office, the Armenian catholicossate of Cilicia Museum, Haigazian University, the Sursock Museum, the Museum of Bzommar and the Bank of Sharjah head office.
Mona K.K
"Born in Beirut, My artistic pursuit began in my hometown at a time where civil war was striking my country, Lebanon. I completed my studies in interior architecture, which was the base of my artistic journey enhancing my imagination and creativity, starting with a more geometrical approach to art. My passion has furthermore developed along with taking fine arts courses for more than 10 years starting with porcelain painting, which was a very specific, detailed and meticulous type of art. My vision of art grew and somehow reformed throughout my life and especially when I started developing a special relation with nature, landscape, and scenery. Throughout my weekly hiking trips, I tried to capture nature in all its wonders as well as its little beautiful details, which our eyes do not catch at first sight. Nature was my all time inspiration, and practicing yoga within the beauty of nature was my spiritual inspiration. I have connected myself to both the wildlife and the landscape of the environment in all sorts of ways creating spiritual and sensational art. My love for details was still noticeable in my landscape paintings using a mixture of gouache, collage, watercolors and a hint of photographic views to add as many details as possible to a scene. I have then moved myself to a more transcending state of art and into the world of the abstract. When your spiritual side emerges, this is when you start wondering about the abstract with all the complexities of this movement."
Niki Hare
Niki Hare's intricate and complex canvases are heavily influenced by traditions of street art and abstract expressionism. She has a natural talent for working with colours and shapes, which allows her to create incredibly well-balanced works. Several off her works start of as an exploration of text and typography but evolve into a brand new visual language through layering and complex compositions.
Rawia Zantout
Modern impressionist artist, Rawia Ghandour Zantout has a degree in Business and Finance from the University of Southern Europe in Monte Carlo, Monaco, although her real passion has always been the arts. Rawia finds her inspiration in the works of prominent Impressionist painters many of whom lived and worked in the south of France where she lived and studied. Her work thus mirrors the magical reflections present in nature. Her career initially began with creating art for children. She set up a center the ”Mishmash Kids Club”, that taught children paintings and the skills required should they pursue careers in the arts in the future. In 2006 Rawia was commissioned to create a range of paintings for Bank Med, with a focus on ecological themes mainly present in the landscapes of her homeland, Lebanon. Her works were printed as lithographs and distributed to thousands of bank customers. In Parallel she also worked with Byblos Bank and Audi Bank. In 2007, the artist, torn by the turmoil in her country, delved into the political side of art. She thus sought to crystallize the March 14 Revolution in Martyrs Square and after that the strife of the Arab Spring. She was also commissioned to paint several portraits of World and Lebanese leaders including President Vladimir Putin, President Michel Aoun, Troels Povlsen, PM Saad Hariri, FPM Fouad Seniora etc… Rawia has participated in over 18 exhibitions in Lebanon and abroad. She is currently working in collaboration with Emanuel Guiragossian, the son of the famous painter Paul Guiragossian.
Sami Korkiakoski

Sami is a Finnish professional artist who graduated from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki (FI) in 2007 (MA), and from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki in 2013 (MFA). Sami has been active since 2007 and Art has been his full time job ever since. His main interest in painting has lately been line and rhythm. Sami has already had gallery and museum exhibitions that include both installations and large-scale paintings. He works with passion and tries to express the depth of his feelings with the rhythm and won many awards from 2006 to 2016.

Private exhibitions:

2016 "Empty Head", ARTag gallery, Helsinki and "Lust for Line", Jyväskylä ; Art Museum Holvi.

2015 "Viivan himo - Lust for Line", MUU Kaapeli, Helsinki and "The Final Countdown", Gallery G12, Kuopio.

2014 "Elossa - Jees I Like It!", Gallery Titanik, Turku.

2013 "Painting Miles Davis", Viapori Jazz, Helsinki, painting performance and "Piilo", Gallery Jangva, Helsinki.

2011 G12, Kuopio and Gallery Katariina, Helsinki.

2010 Academy of Fine Arts gallery, Helsinki and Gallery Maaret Finnberg, Turku.

2009 Salo Art Museum.

2008 Gallery Rajatila, Tampere and Gallery Nefret, Turku.

2007 Gallery Gjutars, Vantaa and tm gallery, Helsinki.

2005 Gallery Huuto, Helsinki and Gallery Jangva, Helsinki.

Simon Mhanna
"Son of a multitalented artist, I was led into the artistic world at young age. I started learning the piano at the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music at the age of 8. At the age of 16, I discovered my drawing skills and saw in myself a talented person I never knew before. My passion for art led me to the "Antonine fine arts institute" where I took private fine arts courses and received a fine arts certificate in collaboration with "Ravenne Institute" in Italy. This unparalleled love for art pushed me to take on higher studies in interior design. Founder of "Lebanese Talents", a non-profit association helping talented Lebanese people to express themselves and show their talents. "A palette knife skillfully manipulates the hand of its holder to forge stylized screams upon an array of forgotten faces, gradually fading away into the lightness of their expressions. Caught up in a covert battle between the artist and his instrument, the scream slyly dissolves in a powerful interplay of inhibition and intensity, of warmth and diligence. A scream that transcends the figure, transcends the spirit, transcends Emotion. And the amalgam of screams, wild and more rhythmic than ever, breathes shades of an unknown color into space."
Taher Jaoui

Tunisian born, Taher started his artistic journey as an artist during his days as an actor in Paris and Los Angeles / He originally began painting the walls of his home as a way to release his emotions before performances / After receiving positive feedback from visitors he decided to commit to painting full time / Since that turning point 8 years ago, his artworks have been exhibited across Europe, Japan, USA, Tunisia and Morocco / His technique is based on constructing the composition by layers / Taher’s artworks are strongly influenced by the Abstract Expressionism movement, as well as Berlin street art and African masks.


> Cutting Edge - Collage Group Exhibition Öffentlich · Gastgeber: Prophit Art Zine und Lula Valletta Von 17. März um 18:00 bis 19. März um 18:00 2017

> Enter Art Foundation . Vernissage . 50 + 44 Contemporary Artists Berlin, Germany. February 2017

> Group Collage exhibition, Sebatopol Center of Arts, California, USA. January 2017

> Solo exhibition, Musk & Amber Gallery, Tunis, Tunisia. September 2016

> Group Collage exhibition, Ludwig Gallery, Berlin, Germany. August 2016

> Group Collage exhibition, Dada 100 years after, Agora Gallery, Berlin, Germany. June 2016

> Affordable Art Fair Milan (paintings), Gaudi Gallery, Madrid, Spain. March 2016

> Group Collage exhibition, Gaya Gallery, Tunis, Tunisia. December 2015

> Solo Collage exhibition, Espace les insolites, Tanger, Morrocco. October 2015

> 30 days arround the world, Pop-up Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany, July 2015

> Collective Connective collage group exhibition. Kado Bar, Tokyo, Japan. April 2015

> Collective Connective collage group exhibition. Chef d'oeuvre Gallery, Osaka, Japan. May 2015

> Black. Ethnik Gallery, Berlin, Germany. 20 March > 29 March 2015

> Finders Keepers. Art Share LA, Los Angeles, USA, March 2015

> Simulacrum solo collage exhibition. Atelier MilanaSmokvine, Rijeka, Croatia, February 2015

> GlueHeads, Alternativ Gallery, Berlin, Germany, January 2015

> Mini-prints, Heiki Arndt DK Gallery, Berlin, Germany, November 2014 - March 2015