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Futuristic Perspective

70 cm x 100 cm

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Medium: Acrylic and silver paper collage on Canvas.



Location: Beirut.

Ships: Stretched on Canvas.


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Mona K.K
"Born in Beirut, My artistic pursuit began in my hometown at a time where civil war was striking my country, Lebanon. I completed my studies in interior architecture, which was the base of my artistic journey enhancing my imagination and creativity, starting with a more geometrical approach to art. My passion has furthermore developed along with taking fine arts courses for more than 10 years starting with porcelain painting, which was a very specific, detailed and meticulous type of art. My vision of art grew and somehow reformed throughout my life and especially when I started developing a special relation with nature, landscape, and scenery. Throughout my weekly hiking trips, I tried to capture nature in all its wonders as well as its little beautiful details, which our eyes do not catch at first sight. Nature was my all time inspiration, and practicing yoga within the beauty of nature was my spiritual inspiration. I have connected myself to both the wildlife and the landscape of the environment in all sorts of ways creating spiritual and sensational art. My love for details was still noticeable in my landscape paintings using a mixture of gouache, collage, watercolors and a hint of photographic views to add as many details as possible to a scene. I have then moved myself to a more transcending state of art and into the world of the abstract. When your spiritual side emerges, this is when you start wondering about the abstract with all the complexities of this movement."