Banzy is an online platform which provides sophisticated coverage of the international art market, and connects talented artists from different backgrounds to art enthusiasts and collectors. We grant access to an easily navigated hub for contemporary Middle Eastern and International art, bringing to homes both renowned and undiscovered unique talents. A promising experience to presenting and buying selective and hand picked art pieces and collections at reasonable prices, in a simple and comfortable environment for both, artists and buyers - Banzy connects you to the heart of the contemporary art scene.

Best described as a boutique art platform, Banzy offers curating services for both clients and designers who wish to explore the boundaries between art and space.
Alongside a keen passion for art driven by persistence and curiosity, Bane has always been inspired by emerging talent and contemporary art.

Having studied politics and law and growing up around artists at home, Bane was drawn to the parallels and paradoxes of these two worlds: Those of words and art. They are different, yet similar means of expressing the complex attitudes and unfounded opinions of our times.

From Abu Dhabi to London, along with many stops on the way, Bane has dreamt of bringing those creating and those seeking art together to her home town, Beirut; the small yet vibrant capital of Lebanon hoping to be influential in the local and regional contemporary art scene.
Art for a cause
A little deed goes a long way! That's why at BANZY we are making an active commitment for a positive contribution to the community to foster development.

Since its inception, BANZY has joined forces with MALAAK, and its Founder, Asma Abou Ezzedine Rasamny, who is “dedicated to ending illiteracy in the camps through education, and innovative programs designed to empower families to achieve self-sufficiency” for Sheltered Syrian Communities and Refugees.

To show its support, BANZY will dedicate some of its proceeds to raise money and actively develop MALAAK's art centre, buying equipment and utencils, trying to help overcome the difficulties and atrocities the children have witnessed through the Power of Art, and help nurture the hearts and souls of our little artists within refugee camps; after all inspiration comes from the most unlikely sources.